Here's a perfect extension to our preceding post.

Even an ordinary everyday commute can be made sweeter with the right musical accompaniment.
Here, The Copenhagen Philharmonic creates a moment of pure commuter joy.

The music is Grieg's exquisite Peer Gynt. If only every commute began and ended this way.
Shared with us by our client at vivaNext, Kathryn Webber.


This excellent, elegant campaign for Sony Walkman Mp3 players from Saatchi&Saatchi Sydney presents the notion of the infinite playlist. Available only when music and commuting intersect.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Sydney, Australia
Creative Director: Steve Back
Art Director: Eron Broughton
Copywriter: Steve May
Illustrator: Electric Art
Production: Jeremy DeVilliers
Published: July 2008

via Ads of the World
May is Asian Heritage Month and on Pushing Buses, I thought I'd celebrate it with a famous award-winning commercial for the MTR from Hong Kong.

The ad is beautifully shot and the idea is simple: the MTR - which is Hong Kong's subway system - is one of those things you can always count on.

And oh.

The MTR just happens to be that rare and exotic thing: a profitable transit system.

While les bicyclistes figure prominently in modal share marketing discussions, we rarely see what bike retailers and manufacturers are saying in the bike-as-vehicle space. What we do see tends to be limited and limiting. Not true for this particular billboard from Canadian retailer Cycle Chic.

One clever headline that attacks cars and liberates drivers. 

Viva la liberté!

Billboard shared via Facebook by frequent collaborator, Toronto photographer Hasnain Dattu. 

For me, April is the coolest month - to twist a phrase from TS Eliot - because it is Poetry Month. And every April, here on Pushing Buses, I try to find a way to celebrate the meeting of transportation and poetry.

This year, I thought I would share John Grierson's reading of the WH Auden's poem Night Train. Auden specially wrote the poem for Grierson's 1936 documentary Night Train. It's quite a ride.

All aboard!



GOOD does it well again. One of my longtime favourites places to get my info-graphic fix, GOOD combines smart data envisioning with a clever video to produce an immediate, easily understood and extremely effective message. Thanks to Kathryn Webber, our client at vivaNext for sharing the GOODness.

We've been hearing interesting phrases in the transit marketing world - phrases from the wrong side of the tracks. Phrases like "the war on the car is over." Really?

There never really was a war on the car. In fact the war has always been waged on transit by what I call the Carverse. And that clever phrase I quoted above, is just one continuing example.

The Carverse is now either trying to paint itself as greener and more sustainable than transit, or just straight out stealing what is most attractive about transit and using it for its own purposes.

Here's a case in point. Someone has finally figured out what's so great about the schematic transit maps like London's iconic Tube map. And they realised what a great improvement it would be if the same design principles were applied to the US interstate network. Of course, the result is elegant and simple. But it's over 70 years old. And transit had the idea first.

Stop stealing our toys car-marketers. Because we're not afraid to steal yours. And guess what? Our claims will actually be true.

It is amazing to see a campaign go from strength to strength with every execution but that's what happens when you start with a great idea, a single idea, that you stay faithful to, every single time.

I've posted two previous commercials for Brussel's De Lijn bus transit, but then our clients Ivana Tomas and Kim Moser of Brampton Transit sent me a third - the excellent Anteater spot.

I went digging and found more - here are all four of De Lijn's spots.

The message couldn't be simpler - it's smarter to travel in groups.
A deadly simple thought that transforms the humble bus commute into simple, entertaining fables about the empowerment as enjoyed by a community of riders.

If I met the creative team responsible, I'd give them a hug.

There's even an iPhone and Android app game based on the campaign.


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