Group hug for the De Lijn campaign

It is amazing to see a campaign go from strength to strength with every execution but that's what happens when you start with a great idea, a single idea, that you stay faithful to, every single time.

I've posted two previous commercials for Brussel's De Lijn bus transit, but then our clients Ivana Tomas and Kim Moser of Brampton Transit sent me a third - the excellent Anteater spot.

I went digging and found more - here are all four of De Lijn's spots.

The message couldn't be simpler - it's smarter to travel in groups.
A deadly simple thought that transforms the humble bus commute into simple, entertaining fables about the empowerment as enjoyed by a community of riders.

If I met the creative team responsible, I'd give them a hug.

There's even an iPhone and Android app game based on the campaign.


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