San Francisco's BART has long been one of the best transit marketers in the world.

They get it right pretty consistently every time they communicate, whether it's through social media, their website or plain old-fashioned advertising.

A good example is this guerilla marketing effort - a swing installed on BART trains, a few delicious seconds of childlike freedom on your daily commute.

Earth Bus

Earth Bus

Most adults think school kids should be kept away from spray paint. But when they do take a chance they discover there is no energy cleaner than youth energy. In San Diego, school kids were set loose on this San Diego Transit Bus. They left their mark: beautiful images promoting planet friendly activities.

Grass-bus: Mobile lawn spreads environmental awareness at Thessaloniki

Created for Thessaloniki's Innovation Festival, this urban bus takes a leaf out of the suburban lawn to promote green living, clean energy and energy conservation. Inside the bus other greenovations are displayed. The bus itself was moved around, showing up in city squares and other festival venues to surprise, entertain and educate.

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