Don't squish your fellow passengers with large bags.
Be courteous and give your seat to others in need.

Don't drip your umbrella on others.
Don't eat on the subway.

Don't be a drunk salaryman falling asleep on others on the subway.
Don't run over the Achilles' Heels of old ladies with your roller suitcase on the subway platform.
Don't try to squeeze yourself through the doors when they're closing
Keep your smartphone or tablet off.

Keep the volume on your headphones down.

Offering your seat, lowering your headphone volume, not being a drip - and other ways to be a better co-commuter. This poster series from Tokyo Metro charms and disarms to improve commuters & commutes.

Could this be one of the most innovative transportation ads in recent times? 

Sure sounds like it. 

This campaign for Thalys promotes three Thalys high speed rail destinations: Brussels, Amsterdam and Paris by way of soundscape rather than landscape. 

Allow me to share with you kind reader, one of two Pinterest transit boards curated by yours truly, gathering together a whack of transit advertising. (That's transportation advertising to those of you living outside North America.) Enjoy.

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