Cars are from Mars. Trains are from genius.

We've been hearing interesting phrases in the transit marketing world - phrases from the wrong side of the tracks. Phrases like "the war on the car is over." Really?

There never really was a war on the car. In fact the war has always been waged on transit by what I call the Carverse. And that clever phrase I quoted above, is just one continuing example.

The Carverse is now either trying to paint itself as greener and more sustainable than transit, or just straight out stealing what is most attractive about transit and using it for its own purposes.

Here's a case in point. Someone has finally figured out what's so great about the schematic transit maps like London's iconic Tube map. And they realised what a great improvement it would be if the same design principles were applied to the US interstate network. Of course, the result is elegant and simple. But it's over 70 years old. And transit had the idea first.

Stop stealing our toys car-marketers. Because we're not afraid to steal yours. And guess what? Our claims will actually be true.

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