Acela aims for mode shift


In the advertising and media section of today's New York Times, Stuart Elliot features Acela's brand new campaign. In the wake of Amtrak's high-profile celebrity endorsements from the likes of Barack Obama and Joe Biden, its high speed rail service, Acela, is stepping out smartly and reminding fliers and drivers of the creature comforts afforded by rail travel.

The commercial, by Arnold DC is slick; high production values are evident throughout. Though mass transit needs all the help it can get in gas-loving North America and while I'll put my money behind the morality of the common good any day, I have to be honest: good solid marketing? Yes. Mind-blowing creative? Nope. Pull down your skirt Arnold. Your briefs are showing.

Image from Amtrak's Acela campaign produced by Arnold DC, via the advertising and media section of the New York Times.
Article and blog, copyright Gavin Barrett 2009

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